BE the Sun Beds [acoustic first takes]

by Jazz Pad

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sunny day :)

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released March 12, 2012

ben and ethan




Jazz Pad Toronto, Ontario

originally intended to be a house filled with musicians... this is an ever evolving project by ethan feldman

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Track Name: Alarm! [acoustic first take]
alarm - wake up
Track Name: Sunshine & Clouds [acoustic first take]
so the sun has come into my window
it reminds me of the cigarettes i have smoked

though it comes through my I
reminds me of these blues eyes
so the sun creeps to my I
lies in the wind alright

so i sing i sing so sweet
as the sun has come into my being

clouds do me hound
but i push them back
the clouds come out but
sun will push them out
push them out
Track Name: Waking Up [acoustic first take]
out, the sun
it goes back behind the clouds
and I wonder where it going to
if it not running around

so I wait too long
for the rain to pass
and I wait too long
so I mobilize my ass

so I do anything
to make the sun come out
not just march around and shout
I want to change the way
the sun works
I want to change
how I get to work

I'm gonna change the things
that I want at school
do the things I shouldn't do
and i'll get out like I need to die and

we need to change the sun.
Track Name: Day Dream [acoustic first take]
la dah de dah dah
Track Name: Coffee Meanings [acoustic first take]
sometimes I get my coffee and I
I remember how my
need my coffee sometime

sometimes I get my way
sometimes I try
the grind
reminds me of life

and when I wake up
when I take up
and I
wake up
my coffee cup

sometimes cold in the shade
so I try to walk
on the sunny way

but in my eye
they get shined
by the light
my eye
but I wait for the moment _____
don't know why...
seems 'bout the round
Track Name: Django Jam [acoustic first take]
Track Name: Spring Winds [acoustic first take]
sunny time

sunny time
sunny time
be my light
Track Name: Staircase [acoustic first take]
walk down the staircase
magnetic pull
down to the other place
I dare not go

slip you away
slip you away

walk down the staircase
magnetic pull
down to the other place
I dare not go

pull down the staircase
magnetic pull
down to the other place
I dare not go.